The most basic question on quotes

I am a newbie to coding and splurged on WebStorm. Using this product is proving a challenge.

A question I am almost embarrassed to ask but has been bedeviling me: I start to type an opening quote - " - and a closing quote is automatically added but my cursor is already on the outside of the closing quote. Is just using my left arrow key to move between the quotes my only option? Is there another way that I am missing? I am watching the JetBrains TV tutorials but the presenters cursor appears to stay between the quotes. If I enter a tag and the closing tag is automatically added, my cursor stays between the two and does not move to the outside.


Thank you!

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You must have typed both opening and closing quote.. looks similar to Please try disabling Add quotes for attribute value on typing '=' and attribute completion in Settings->Editor->Smart keys->XML/HTML.

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I see what I did. I started to make a screen recording to upload and, upon watching it, I saw that quotes were automatically entered after my = sign was typed. So, when I went to type ", it was as if I was typing them again. 

I am a newbie and following/entering code by others, code I find in books, in my online classes, etc. and it is hard to follow both screens. I like WebStorm - especially for being able to run and debug code at the same time within the application - but it has a learning curve all its own.

I was not conscious of what I was doing nor understood the article the first time around. When I saw my own recording and re-read your note and the link, it sunk in that I was in the same boat! I am opting not to disable the feature as - obviously - am not conditioned from years of programming and can learn a new, better way to type.


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Thank you very much!



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