OSX/PHPStorm "File Cache Conflict" / Keep Memory Changes" pops up a lot

Not sure if this is a Mac thing, but I've just moved all my development to OSX from Windows, and PHPStorm seems to inform me pretty regularly that "Changes have been made to such and such a file in memory and on disk".

As far as I'm concerned, I've only made these changes in the editor.

If I click "Show Differences" the "File Cache Conflict" states "Contents are identical"

Is this a bug?

Other apps I have open at the same time are:

  • SourceTree
  • Amps
  • Chrome

It's annoying at best; my worry is that at some point there will be a change, and I'll just ignore it.

If someone could confirm, that would be great.

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Are your files stored on a network drive? Are there any junctions/symlinks in the path to the files/project? Are the "Synchronize files on frame activation" and "Save files on frame deactivation" options enabled in the settings? Do you have any background software running that could modify the files?


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