Extending text editor as web.xml editor

I trying to find any example for Extending an editor for my own file (with a specific extension).

So, i want to develop (or extending) current editor, so it can be show like....

  • Android layout editor (tabbed, include existing editor(xml), and custom UI designer, etc..)
  • *.form file editor in plugin development (custom ui, but it is one of editor.. not ToolWindow..)

I found same question for this in https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/206781155-Tabbed-editor ,

but in the answer, the site link is cannot be reachable now..


Please show me any Guide for this, or any example for this....

Thank you!

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Official comment

See com.intellij.openapi.fileEditor.FileEditorProvider resp. com.intellij.util.xml.ui.PerspectiveFileEditorProvider

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Dear Yann Cebron,

I fully spend my effort to find examples and to examine as you guided, but i that shows no result...


Is there any Example for this? All i want to make is very simple!

  • It shows when double click a file with a special extension (as i decided..)
  • File associating will be made when install plug-in as i developed (File Type)
  • It shows 2 tabs below of the editor (one is something like xml editor and the other one is layout designer like Android Layout Editor)


Please help me. Thank you...!

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There is no ready-made example for this, just look for usages of above mentioned classes in IntelliJ Community Edition sources.

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Dear Yann Cebron,


I found an example just before.. Thank you for your help~!!!!!


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