How to set indentation for ES6 Destructing assignment?

I want 


but I keep getting

what settings should I change?


With the 'Default' code style scheme, I get the following formatting:

if 'Align multiple var statements and assignments' is enabled, it changes as follows:


do you have this option enabled?


I checked and found I did not have that option enabled. Are there other settings could affect this?

Here is my scheme exported,
can you share yours?


With your scheme, I get exactly the desired formatting when I run Code/Reformat Code...


Sharing my own scheme doesn't make much sense, as it's the 'Default' one...


Thanks, Elena. That is strange, I am not sure what else I am missing. Could it be a different build?

I have (on OS X El Capitan)

Webstorm 11.0.4

Build #WS-143.2370, built on April 29, 2016

is there any other info I can provide to help reproduce this?


Yes, it must be the issue. I'm using WebStorm 2016.1.3 and 2016.2 EAP


Ah cool, upgrading to 2016.3 fixed it. Thanks. I wonder why `check for updates` in WS 11 didn't prompt me to upgrade.


Great, thanks for letting me know:) 

I'm notified about WebStorm 2016.1 release when checking for updates if the channel is set to "New Major Version Releases". You must have chosen to ignore updates once, or something else has happened...


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