Auto-complete lost when inserting a line

Use case, i forgot to define var $lab01. So i cursor up a line and start entering the proper call to define it , as in THIS pic


as you can see, the valid line is now invalid !!! and the line i am typing has no autocomplete for the same class (\DAO\LabDAO ). However, if i enter a semicolon on the line i am typing, the autocomplete works and the formerly invalid line is now valid.   


Is there some setting, or is this a known bug ?

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What version of PhpStorm do you use?

Can you create a sample project and reproduce the issue there?

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Q1 : osx 10.11.2, PhpStorm 10.0.3, build PS 143.1770

Q2 : nope, given the nature of the issue the minimal code stands to take too much time (in all likelihood). 


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Thanks, this helps (i know the 'root' cause) and also that it has been lingering for over 3 years now :). Too tough i guess ...



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