Automatic upload for external changes (CodeKit) doesn't work as expected

Hello there,

I have a question to PHPStorm and automatic upload of external changes:

I'm using CodeKit to automatically compile SASS and JS files. But the local external changes by CodeKit aren't uploaded by PHPStorm.

I have already activated the Settings for Uploading external changes and Upload changed files on explicit save


What am I doing wrong? Any hints for a PHPStorm noob?
Thanks in advance,


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Do new files appear in PhpStorm Project Tool window? They should be sync'ed and deployed after you have an IDE focused and IDE detects new files.

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I tested this once again and it only worked once after restarting PHPStorm!

I'm editing a .scss file and CodeKit successfully compiles the changes into a .css and a file. Both files already exists before and are updated by CodeKit.

It seems PHPStorm doesn't recognize the changes every time.

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IDE may not detect external changes (made by 3rd party tools outside of IDE) straight away, especially if such tool runs silently in background. Try using "File | Synchronize" to tell IDE to rescan all project files looking for changes -- does it find changes now?

P.S. Have you tried using File Watchers functionality -- it should work much better (as there you can specify what files IDE should check after watcher finished running)?


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