Compiling error using play framework

Importing projects that are working in the activator (from and they are having an error when i build them in the IntelliJ. Can anyone help me?

Error:Module 'root' production: java.lang.NullPointerException

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Hi Luis!

Can you provide us with your Intellij version and scala plugin version?

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Hi Kate,

I've tried both Intellij 15.0.2 and 15.0.3, with scala 2.1.0

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Any luck solving this issue? I am having the same problem with my Play Framework project. In my case, the error is:

Error:Module 'email_worker' production: java.lang.NullPointerException

I am using IntelliJ 15.0.3 and Scala plugin 2.2.0.

If it matters, I have setting "Use Play 2 compiler for this project" turned on. If I don't turn this on, I get a different error messages in my Helper.scala  file. I have this same Play 2 compiler option set in IntelliJ 14. I get the same errors about the Helper.scala file in IntelliJ 14 as well if I don't use the Play 2 compiler option.

I also have IntelliJ 14 installed with Scala plugin 1.6.2 installed. This works just fine. By the way, I created a new directory with a fresh copy of code to import in IntelliJ 15 so I could continue using IntelliJ 14 so I am not trying to use project files generated by IntelliJ 14.

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This seems to be the relevant part of my build.log file:

2016-02-13 18:01:18,050 [   3277]   INFO - .incremental.IncProjectBuilder - Module 'email_worker' production: java.lang.NullPointerException

org.jetbrains.jps.incremental.ProjectBuildException: Module 'email_worker' production: java.lang.NullPointerException

        at org.jetbrains.jps.incremental.IncProjectBuilder.buildTargetsChunk(

        at org.jetbrains.jps.incremental.IncProjectBuilder.buildChunkIfAffected(

        at org.jetbrains.jps.incremental.IncProjectBuilder.buildChunks(

        at org.jetbrains.jps.incremental.IncProjectBuilder.runBuild(


        at org.jetbrains.jps.cmdline.BuildRunner.runBuild(

        at org.jetbrains.jps.cmdline.BuildSession.runBuild(


        at org.jetbrains.jps.cmdline.BuildMain$MyMessageHandler$

        at org.jetbrains.jps.service.impl.SharedThreadPoolImpl$

        at java.util.concurrent.Executors$


        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(

        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$


Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException




        at scala.PartialFunction$$anonfun$runWith$1.apply(PartialFunction.scala:141)

        at scala.PartialFunction$$anonfun$runWith$1.apply(PartialFunction.scala:140)

        at scala.collection.mutable.HashSet.foreach(HashSet.scala:78)

        at scala.collection.TraversableLike$class.collect(TraversableLike.scala:282)

        at scala.collection.AbstractTraversable.collect(Traversable.scala:104)


        at org.jetbrains.jps.incremental.IncProjectBuilder.runModuleLevelBuilders(

        at org.jetbrains.jps.incremental.IncProjectBuilder.runBuildersForChunk(

        at org.jetbrains.jps.incremental.IncProjectBuilder.buildTargetsChunk(

        ... 14 more

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I haven't found any solution. I tried using Intellij 14.1.6, although I have no compilation problem, I can't run it. Now I am using the activator ui from


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