Scala plugin causing hard freeze of intellij

I'm using the latest IntelliJ 16 EAP and the Scala plugin 2.1.19. IntelliJ constantly freezes on me, requiring a "Force Quit". It's driving me batty. I'm assuming it's the scala plugin because it only happens when editing scala code.


Anyone else?

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That's known as

We're working to fix the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Just tried the latest IntelliJ 15 with the same result. For example, I'm trying to type a println statement. As soon as I type 'println("', it hangs. The line looks like 


where the pipe (|) is the cursor. It is not even blinking. 


I see similar behavior using IntelliJ IDEA version 2016.2.5 with Scala plugin version 2016.2.1, running on RedHat Linux. The problem is intermittent. When it occurs, IDEA stops responding to keystrokes and mouse clicks, and doesn't redraw regions of its window that are hidden by other windows and then revealed. It un-freezes after a minute or three.


When it gets fixed I'd love to know as well cause it's driving me nutso too!


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