Perforce integration error


I am trying to integrate perforce VCS with intellij 14 (Mac OS X El Capitan).

In the Preferences -> Version Control -> Perforce page I have set the location to my p4v client in my Applications directory. Path to p4 executable: p4 to path as per the which p4 command (/usr/local/bin/p4).

When I try to connect I get the error:

   Cannot Connect to the Perforce Server

   Cannot run program "p4" (in directory "/MainFolder/") error=2, No such file or directory

Intellij is trying to run p4 from the /MainFolder/p4. I have placed the p4 in intellij expected path with all access permissions but still the same error.

Similar, question can be found on stackoverflow which gives more detailed information. 

Any help is welcomed.

Some screenshots are added for more information.




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