PHPStorm has a tough time with class autocomplete in method code, but it works in 'use' statements no problems?

Anyone else notice a behavior where PHPStorm 10.0.3 can easily autocomplete namespace and class in 'use' statements, but can't find them within body code?


For example, I have a class in:


If I am programming inside of another class, I can very easily go up to and type just SomeEn, trigger autocomplete, and the full class appears in the autocomplete menu.

Conversely, if I am working inside of a code body, and want to reference the ::class constant, I can type something like:

$this->foo( SomeEn..

(here I try to trigger autocomplete) fails miserably.  Each time, I have to go up to, insert use, then go back into the code.

Toggle somewhere? Fix?  Thanks!

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Could you please provide us with a code snippet defining the class and the way you try to referenence the constant?


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