Selecting python3.4 interpreter for Django broke pip

I had pip, pip2, and pip3 working before installing PyCharm. I opened the IDE to try it out and took those steps: 

Welcome Screen --> Create New Project --> Django (Interpreter: 3.4.3 at /usr/bin/python3.4) --> Create.

On the next screen I was presented with this:


Followed by this:


The "Proposed Solution" in the above window suggests that I check that I have pip. Before this, I'd been working successfully with pip so this struck me as odd. Nevertheless, I dropped to the terminal and ran:


However, trying pip fails:

Trying pip3 yields similar results. This just wasn't happening before.

However, starting a Django project with the python2.7 interpreter works flawlessly, no problem. But I don't want to use Python 2, I want to use Python 3.

Please advise.

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Just out of curiosity, your first screenshot shows /usr/bin/python3.4 but your tracebacks say /usr/local/bin/python3.4

My suggestion: never use the system Python. Make a virtualenv for the project, either using PyCharm (under Project Interpreters) or from the command line (pyvenv).


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