How can I customize the context/menu bar programmatically?


I need to remove some actions from menu bar programmatically.

I  know that it's possible to do this though Settings > Appearance & Behavior > Menus and Toolbars, but I'm trying to build an plugin that customize the actions and show by default the actions that I need.

I can remove the tools:

//  get tool window manager 
final ToolWindowManager manager = ToolWindowManager.getInstance(project);
// iterate all tools windows by id 
for (final String id : manager.getToolWindowIds()) {
// get tool window 
final ToolWindow toolWindow = manager.getToolWindow(id);
// hide tool window 
toolWindow.setAvailable(false, null);


Using  the ActionManager class I can get all the actions available:

final ActionManager actionManager = ActionManagerImpl.getInstance();
String[] actionIds = actionManager.getActionIds("");

Now I need to know how can I remove some of them.


Thank you,

Eduardo Costa

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You can get the corresponding menu action group from ActionManager and invoke DefaultActionGroup.remove(action) on it.

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I tried the code bellow (to remove help menu for example) and works:

ActionManager actionManager = ActionManager.getInstance();
DefaultActionGroup actionGroup = (DefaultActionGroup) actionManager.getAction(IdeActions.GROUP_MAIN_MENU);

// iterate all main menu children's
for (AnAction childGroupAction : actionGroup.getChildActionsOrStubs()) {
if (actionManager.getId(childGroupAction) != null && actionManager.getId(childGroupAction).equals("HelpMenu")) {

Thank you Peter by your reply.

Best regards,

Eduardo Costa


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