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have 2 small questions:

1 -Is the sequel console compatible with IBM DB2?

2- now with the sequel console after creating a new table in my DB, am i able to generate a class in my domain from the sequel console? like right click on a table and select generate domain class, or drag and drop whatever way... thanks.


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Hello Moine,

1. IBM DB2 connections should work. You will need jdbc driver for IBM DB2 database. IntelliJ ships two BD2 jdbc libraries: JTOpen - IBM’s Java Toolbox Driver (jt400.jar) and LUW - IBM’s native JDBC driver (db2jcc4-4.9.78.jar) and provides corresponding pre-defined Database Connection templates: .

2. It is possible to generate annotated Java classes from Configured in project Data Source via Generate Persistence Mapping by Database Schema action, but it requires configured JPA or Hibernate support in project.

We are working on a convenient way of generating POJO Java classes from the DB schema. And there is Generate POJOs.clj bundled DB Schema extractor file available for the DB objects extraction. You can find it if switch to Scranches view in Project Tool Window and go to Extensions | schema folder. The generate action is available from Schema context menu for the created Data Source:

For some more information about Database extractors see


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