CLion support for MinGW is broken.

I've been trying to get CLion to run for the last 3 hours. On Windows 7 x64.


Installed MinGW, realized there was a 64 bit version, uninstalled it, deleted directory.

Installed the newest version of MinGW w64, realized CLion didn't support it, uninstalled it, deleted directory.

Installed MinGW w64 version 4.9.3, CLion recognized it as version 5.0, but said that it only supports 3.x-4.x .

Created a fake "_mingw.h" file in the directory to spoof the version, CLion recognized it as 4.9.3, but said it only supports up to 3.x .


But here it says that CLion supports up to 5.3:


Look JetBrains, I'm really trying here. CLion looks nice, supposedly has nice features, but there's a slight problem when you can't even get it to choose a compiler.


I guess I'm going to use CodeBlocks then.

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Hi, David!

Thank you for your patience. Support of latest versions of MinGW-w64 was added recently to 2016.2 EAP version and you most likely use release version 2016.1.3.

If you want to evaluate product I suggest you to try EAP version from here with many improvements and new features comparing to release version.

In case you still have issues with MinGW, please let us know.

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Ok, I was following this guide of yours:


Don't you think it's a bad idea to have pictures of someone installing unsupported versions? Nobody WANTS to read installation instructions, they want it to just install and work as fast as possible, so they'll skim through the guide, see that picture, and install the wrong version. 

Furthermore, how am I supposed to know what version of MinGW w64 has the highest 4.x normal MinGW version?

I'm currently reinstalling MinGW for like the 5th time today because of your unclear instructions. 

In the toolchain settings in CLion, just have a damn button that will download the most recent supported version.

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I've just tried so many times.

I installed the EAP version and MinGW w64 latest version, but it says the GDB package is not installed. So I downloaded some GDB zip from the MinGW w64 SourceForge and copied it to the installation directory (no directions).


I'm done. I will never use any of your products. Get your shit together.

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I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused, you may be right about screenshots in tutorial (although it refers to troubleshooting). We are going to release 2016.2 version in a month approximately with full support of current MinGW-w64 version range. Meanwhile we'll think about how to make it more clear.

I just installed latest MinGW-w64 (chose 5.3.0 and x86_64 architecture) and it works for EAP including debugger, no idea why it didn't work in your case. If you help be to find the difference between these cases I can try to investigate the reason.

Thank you!


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