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Hi there,

This is a really small thing but something I would love and can't seem to find.

When I do a Find In Path search, I nearly always go to the Preview window dialog instead of actually hitting return to execute the search. I then usually double click one of the results in the preview window to be taken there. I would love if there was a keyboard shortcut to provide the same behaviour as a double click on one of the results (Ctrl-Enter would be perfect). This would mean I could just hit down on the keyboard a few times, and then press Ctrl-Enter to jump to that specific result, instead of running the search, and then viewing it in the Find Occurrences window, or having to then mouse to the result and double click it.

Is there already a way to configure this or could I make a small feature request to have this added! :P

Thank you for your time!

Best regards,




Thanks for the feedback, Tom, you're right.

We are currently redesigning the Find in Path dialog and this problem is considered already.


:D You beautiful man! Thank you! :D


*throws mouse in trash can* :)


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