Failed to find class name in currently open file


Just used the shortcut `Ctrl+N` to help find a class name in the current file but it seemed to fail.


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Hi there,

This screenshot seems to be quite irrelevant -- I see that IDE fails to find "createSort" class ... but I do not see proofs that such class actually exists (I only see "createSortLinks" function definition .. which has nothing to do with class search).

In any case:

  • Try "File | Invalidate Caches..." and restart IDE -- it usually helps in such suddenly appeared "cannot find existing element" cases
  • You can use "Navigate | File Structure" to search trough symbols/elements in current file
  • You should use "Navigate | Symbol..." if you wish to search for methods etc (will search across the project)
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LOL..... don't mind me, I'm an idiot. I was looking for a function/method finder within a class but obviously wasn't paying any attention to what the search was supposed to find - thanks!


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