Get Instance of Toolwindow


Is there a way to get the Instance of my Toolwindow?

MyToolWindowFactory instance = ServiceManager.getService(project, MyToolWindowFactory.class);

..doesnt work.


Any suggestions?

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ToolWindow window = ToolWindowManager.getInstance(project).getToolWindow(TOOL_WINDOW_ID);
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 @Aleksey, the `window` I get from ToolWindowManager is of type `ToolWindowImpl`. But I don't want that, I want MY Implementation class, like `MyToolWindow`.

Right now, `window.getClass() = ToolWindowImpl.class`, but what I want is `window.getClass() = MyToolWindow.class`. How do I get this?

UPDATED: So what I want is not the `ToolWindow` but my `ToolWindowFactory`, so that I can update the JBTable in the ToolWindow.

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I'm not sure, that it's possible.
What do you need it for?

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I have a `JBTable` in the ToolWindow and I want to update that in the `AnAction.actionPerformed()` method. So I wanted to get a hold of my ToolWindowFactory, since I have the methods to update the JBTable in that class.

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Probably, you're looking for `toolwindow.getContentManager().getContents()` method.
It will return all tabs in a ToolWindow, that can be added using `ContentManager.addContent`.

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Hey thanks for that, I got it. I did as below:

The below code is in my AnAction.actionPerformed() :

final ToolWindow toolWindow = ToolWindowManager.getInstance(project).getToolWindow(TOOL_WINDOW_ID); // this will give the toolWindow
final Content content = toolWindow.getContentManager().getContent(0); // this will give the first tab
final MyToolWindowPanel myToolWindowPanel = (MyToolWindowPanel) content.getComponent(); // this will give the MyToolWindowPanel reference

In my MyToolWindowFactory.createToolWindowContent() (which extends ToolWindowFactory) I put the below code:

final MyToolWindowPanel panel = new MyToolWindowPanel(toolWindow);

And finally, my MyToolWindowPanel which extends SimpleToolWindowPanel has the below code:

public MyToolWindowPanel(ToolWindow toolWindow) {
super(true, false);
final Content content = ContentFactory.SERVICE.getInstance().createContent(this, "", false);

mContentPanel contains my JBTable. So now I can get a reference to MyToolWindowPanel anywhere I want, and all my JBTable update code is in MyToolWindowPanel. 




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