from RunConfig to class


one of the few things I'm missing for years is this


1) in the run configurations combobox there is one config selected, let's see MyClassXYZ, where the main method of this class will be executed


2) before I execute, I want to check / modify something in the source code of exactly this class


3) now I'm intuitively looking for a way to somehow ctrl-click on the run config , or something similar, context menu etc.,

to quickly get the class that is started by this run config, into the editor.


is it possible somehow already, if not can you add it? 


if there is a feature request for this already, please let me know, I could not find it quickly.


Feature request can be submitted at Thanks for the suggestion.


sorry, there is another login required, I don't remember the password

I do not have enough time.

basically I would appreciated it, if you take the information I already provided and do something with it ;-)

this would be convenient for me, the customer, if you understand...

also I just thought a "remove try-catch intention action" would be nice



You can use the same login as here, you JetBrains account. It's important that you follow the submitted ticket for updates in case there are questions from the developers, it will also help you to know when your request is addressed.


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