Emulator devices list in flex mobile run/debug configuration



I'm wondering if there is a way (by editing a config file in the intellij package for example) to add another presets to the existing list of selectable devices in the dropdown list of the emulator ?

I know that I can select "Other Android device" entry, but then, I have to set the screen dimensions and density based on the particular device I want to emulate and repeat this operation every time I want to emulate another device.

Thank you.



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Unfortunately there's no way to add predefined emulators.

But you do not have to do the same work multiple times. You can prepare as many Flash Run Configurations as you want, that will be different in 'Other Android device' parameters only. Run | Edit Configurations dialog has a 'Copy' button to quickly clone existing run configuration.

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Hi Alexander,

I hadn't thought of this workaround.
This is a perfect solution.

Thank you very much.




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