Git line endings global conversion makes all files changed

Hi again, I installed Linux Mint on PC and then I cloned git repository from Bitbucket to work on it. After some changes I did commit. During this commit git fired me a dialog about line endings. There were two options. If I remember

1. create gitattribute file which handles line endings for project

2. set global handler for line endings via command like core.autocrlf true

I selected global option but as I see it made all the project files changed. Now I am not sure what happens and if I can push it to server. What happens if somebody pulls it on Windows? Will make a merge? How to solve it?


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Not sure how this is related to PhpStorm but core.autocrlf true - according to official documentation at - will automatically convert the line feeds to Linux-style on uploading and to system-style on downloading the files. You can reconfigure your local Git via command line.

In PhpStorm you can manage the line separators at File | Settings | Editor | Code Style for new files and via File > Line Separators menu or via the pop-up in the bottom right corner for the current file.


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