Moving Execution Location in IntelliJ-based IDEs?

So, since about 1988 or 89, Microsoft debuggers (since CodeView, Windbg, Visual C++, Visual Studio .NET, all those) have been able to, for (C/C++/C#, at least) allow the developer to, when broken in the debugger, change the current statement being executed.   MonoDevelop/Xamarin Studio can do this also.

As wonderful as IntelliJ and all its descendent/sibling products are (and they are); none of them do this, as far as I can tell.  

Surely, in AppCode, at least, where Objective-C and Swift are running in a native code environment, this is technically feasible; and it needs to be in project Ryder, also (C#).   So, what gives?

This is INVALUABLE, and is honestly worth a lot more than all the quick-fixes, and all the things you do at coding time.   Debugging time is more important than coding time, honestly. 

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