Incremental compile and pulling VCS changes


I am running IntelliJ 15.0.3 and the Scala plugin 2.2.0 on OSX. When running a unit test from the IDE (Scalatest) the IDE does a "Make" first. This works very nicely with the incremental compilation. However, if I pull changes from the VCS (Git) and run the test after that, the whole project is recompiled. Compilation time is around 2 minutes as we have a lot of classes. Is there a way to keep the "Make" time short after pulling changes? It should be able to figure out which files have changed and only do incremental compilation on those. 

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After "Git pull" it's still "Make" action and IntelliJ IDEA knows changed files, so it's important to know what exactly was changed after "pull", probably "Full rebuild" is normal situation in most such cases (for example when library dependencies was changed).

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