Using the Flow type checker and errors highlighting.

Hi there.

I use phpStorm sometimes for working with javascript. And I wanna use built-in Flow type checker. I switch a javascript language to the Flow (Preferences -> Languages & Frameworks-> Javascript). A flow syntax became valid after that but error does not highlighted on a code list...

What should I do?

Vladimir Luchansky


Please provide a code sample and/or some screenshots so we could get more details about the issue you have faced.


Sure, I used that example:


let a = function(foo:number) : boolean {

    "use strict";

  return 'foo';



a('sdf', 'df');

And I expected to see errors on a count of arguments, a type of foo-argument and a returning value type, but nothing...


Switching language version to 'Flow' just instructs the parser to accept Flow syntax (i.e. to not show errors for correct code constructions). We don't plan adding our own type checking for Flow types, will be using Flow type checker instead; will be done as a part of, please follow this ticket for updates


Thx for the link =) So, it would be nice to have error highlighting in future... File watcher is good but not much convenient.


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