Problems connecting IDEA to remote/Vagrant Drupal

Hi - 

I know that this is a repeat of a question I asked last August. I'm working on a new box and am unable to replicate the eventual success I had in my previous question[1]. I apologize for the duplication but I'm stuck. Thank you in advance for any suggestions or advice you can provide. I'm using IDEA Ultimate 15.0.6 and my environment looks like this:


  • Drupal Support
  • PHP and PHP Remote Interpreter
  • Remote Hosts Browse
  • SSH Remote
  • Vagrant


A working SFTP connection to a Vagrant box, with 'Use as Default' set for the current project. 

  • Root path = /var/www/drupal
  • Mappings 
  • local path = /home/bridger/Documents/test_module
  • deployment path on server 'isl-vagrant' = /sites/all/modules/

Languages & Frameworks > PHP

  • PHP language level = 5.5
  • Interpreter = Remote PHP 5.5 (via ssh; connecting via vagrant works too)
  • Drupal = enabled
  • Drupal installation path = /var/www/drupal (the path on the Vagrant vm)
  • Set up PHP | Include paths = checked
  • Version = 7

No matter what I key into the 'Drupal installation path', I get the warning: Please specify valid Drupal root directory.

Again, I apologize for the duplicated question but I've been going over this for several hours now and I'm lost.

Thank you.



Hello, is your IDEA installed on your local machine (not in a Vagrant box)? 

In "Drupal installation path" field you need to specify a path available for IDE. So a path on a Vagrant VM wouldn't work. You might try to present Drupal path on that VM as a share, mount it on IDE machine and specify it this way. But I guess it would be easier to install drupal locally.


Hi Dmitry and thank you for the response. IDEA is installed locally. I'll look into installing Drupal locally - that certainly seems like a path of lesser resistance.



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