Rogue Sequence Still Showing After Rename

After the creation of a table with a SERIAL data type for a user_seq column, I decided to rename just the sequence itself.  Upon rename, the Database Viewport on the left-hand side of Data Grip now shows both the original sequence naming, and the renamed sequence.

I tried refreshing the viewport, as well as closing the application and this is still showing up. This is only occurring in DataGrip, as pgAdminIII shows the correct sequence that's been renamed.

Searching the pg_class table also verifies that the originally named sequence is no longer available and has been renamed correctly. I've included a screenshot to show this.

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Hello Doc,

Created the for this issue. Please follow in in YouTrack for updates.

>I decided to rename just the sequence itself

Could you please clarify how did you renamed it exactly: did you use DataGrip SQL console?

Does it help to explicitly invoke Synchronize action for the Data Source? Thanks.


P.S. Please also attach the output from Test Connection button in Data Source settings.


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