how to set flex ios appid for debug testing from windows dev machine, Installation Error: ApplicationVerificationFailed



I am trying out idea for flex development over flash builder, and am trying to get a hello world app on to an ipad.

The set up is win10 dev machine-> usb-> ipad.

I have added the .mobileprovision & p12 certs that were generated on a mac. 

The debug build process seems to go fine, until at the last minute an error,

Install iOS application -> Installation Error: ApplicationVerificationFailed

From reading various forum entries I think this means the appid is different or wrong compared to the name used when generating the .mobileprovision in xcode, ie I used "" in xcode when generating the certs.

How do I change this in the flex ios app before sending it to debug on the ipad?




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If anyone else is searching for the answer I traced it back to 

Project Structure -> Modules -> ios -> application descriptor -> Custom Template -> create


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