IntelliJ Doesn't Recognize FXML FileType (but only for a specific filename)


I am having a very bizarre problem with IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1.2.

My JavaFX project contains several .fxml files and most work without a problem.  However, I am trying to create a new .fxml and IntelliJ just will not recognize it as an FXML file if I choose the filename I want.  Any other filename works just fine.

Here is the filename I'm trying to use; as you can see, IntelliJ is treating it as a generic file:

However, if I change the name to literally anything else, this doesn't happen:

I'm at a loss.  I did search all my project files as well, and there is currently no reference to tabReviewBilling.fxml anywhere.  Since IntelliJ does not recognize it as an FXML, it isn't offering the syntax highlighting or code-completion

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Most likely, you've marked this file as Text from the context menu. This change can be reverted in File Type settings, find Text Files there and remove the file name from the list it's applied to.

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@Serge - that was it!  Thank you so much; it was driving me nuts.  I'm not sure how that setting got changed.


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