More obvious debugger breaks

I'd like to make it more obvious when my debugger breaks in the editor.  Right now the sole indicator is data in the Debugger window (which may not be open... sometimes the console is open instead) and the blue background on the line where the debugger broke.  The previous standalone debugger that I wrote would temporarily change the toolbar color when the debugger broke, making it obvious to the user what state the program was in.  Is there a way to do something similar in Intellij... e.g. temporarily change toolbar color, editor border color, etc...?

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When debugger stops at breakpoint tool window activates and it's an obvious sign. It's default behavior, so check your settings (Build, Execution, Deployment -> Debugger, there are two checkboxes 'Focus application on breakpoint' and 'Show debug window on breakpoint').

You can setup the certain debugger tab to be focused (like Frames/Console etc.) in popup menu for inner tabs (items 'Focus On Startup' and  'Focus On Breakpoint').

So, IDE attracts your attention when debugger breaks.


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