X3DOM completion or even syntax recognition


is there any way to make WebStorm understand X3D’s subset X3DOM? In terms of knowing the used XML scheme and even suggestion for the structure of X3DOM?

Sorry, but I’m super new to WebStorm.

Here’s a screenshot (just doing the w3dom tutorial):

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X3D is not yet a part of HTML5, and thus is not included in scheme HTML files are validated against. So unfortunately the only way to have X3D tags/attributes accepted is adding them to 'Custom HTML tag' and 'Custom HTML tag attributes' lists in Settings | Editor | Inspections | HTML, Unknown HTML tag and  Unknown HTML tag attribute. Tags/attributes listed there are not highlighted as warnings and are suggested by completion.

You can do this by hitting Alt+Enter on each of tags/attributes errors is reported for and choosing 'Add to custom HTML tags (tag attributes)' from the popup


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