Build failed with 0 errors - iOS 8.4 with Pods

Hi folks,

this is my second time trying AppCode. I use the current EAP version due to an expired App Code trail some month ago. The project targets  iOS 8.4 and higher.

If I build my workspace (with Pods), I get the message "Build failed with 0 errors and xx warnings". May you please explain why my code failed but has no errors?

I searched the forum and I found an old community post - I do not think that I have the same issue, however it could be possible that I misunderstood the linked error.

Thanks for you help guys. 


Kind regards,

- Toby

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Hi Toby.

Please check build log (you can find it via Messages tool window - 'Show Build log' button). Does it contain some errors? Did you try building your project in Xcode?

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Hi Anna,

Xcode crashed on launch. I builded the project (and fixed the errors) by using the current beta of Xcode. After this fixes, the project is now also buildable with AppCode.

Maybe this issue could be solved. :)


Kind regards, Toby 


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