How do I stop Webstorm from opening files of a certain extension in another editor?

I was wondering how I stop Webstorm from opening files with a certain extension in an external editor.  I'm working on an ionic project using Webstorm and contained within that project is some native plugin code.  The desired behavior I'd like is that it just opens files w/ the .java extension (as it does for .h/.m objective-c files), even if there's no syntax hilighting.  I think I may have fat finger accepted an open to open them in an external editor at some point and now every time I double click a file w/ a .java extension it actually opens it up in XCode ... ugh.



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You must have associated *.java pattern with 'Files opened in associated applications' file type (Settings | Editor | File Types). Please check if this pattern is there and, if yes, remove it

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Yep, that fixed it - thanks very much!


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