Hint to mySql parser

I'm not sure where to make a feature request, and I have seen this issue mentioned a while back when looking for something else...

It's a real shame to have such a powerful tool not be able to do something that you feel oughtn't be too difficult.

If I have:

function getSomething( $table ) {

$query = "SELECT ev.id FROM $table ev WHERE ..."


It's obvious to me that all candidate values of $table are going to have the same columns. And I accept the parser can't assume that but if the parser would just let me hint that an example $table is xyz then everything would be rosy.

It's a shame to have all my project files show no errors except this kind of function. And the column checking is so great, I don't want to just disable the checking.

Come on JetBrains, this is easy for you, I'm sure.


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You can submit a feature request at: <http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/WI#newissue=yes>. I've checked some of existing mySQL request and didn't find anything related. If you would like to submit this request please describe it in more details and provide a code sample for us to reproduce.





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