PHPStorm / Composer / PHPUnit

I'm trying to setup PHPUnit in a project in PHPStorm.

I've installed PHP 5.6 locally on my Mac.

My PHP application uses composer, so I've included PHPUnit using that;

  "config": {
    "platform": {
      "php": "5.6"
  "require": {
    "slim/slim": "^3.0",
    "slim/extras": "*",
    "slim/middleware": "*"
  "require-dev": {
    "phpunit/phpunit": "5.0.*"

I've setup the PHP interpreter in the project to point to the newly installed PHP instance, and I've added an include path that points to /vendor/phpunit/phpunit/

I've amended the project preferences, Languages and Frameworks > PHP > PHPUnit, selected 'use custom autoloader' and pointed it to the composer autoloader at '/vendor/autoloader.php'.

However I still seem to be getting the following error;

/usr/local/opt/php56/bin/php /private/var/folders/8p/gk_hqwh57gzcvbl87ynjwrtm0000gn/T/ide-phpunit.php --no-configuration MyTest /Users/shaunsheppard/Projects/Sheppard-Digital/APIFramework/Tests/MyTest.php
Testing started at 09:12 ...

Process finished with exit code 1
Cannot find PHPUnit in include path (.:)
As a last resort I've tried settings the PHP Include path in php.ini to '/usr/local/opt/php56/bin' and placing PHPUnit in that folder. I downloaded PHPUnit.phar, placed it into the folder and applied execute permissions 'chmod +x'. I've event tried renaming the file to 'PHPUnit', 'phpunit', 'phpunit.phar', 'PHPUnit.phar' and neither of them make a difference. 
What's strange is I have exactly this setup on another machine and it works fine.
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Did you try to install PhpUnit via Composer within PhpStorm - right click on the project directory > Composer > Add dependency > phpunit/phpunit? If not then it worth to try this and check the behavior afterwards.

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Sorry, I forgot to update this. I did manage to get things working by starting a new project, copying my files across and repeating the steps again.

For some reason I was unable to setup PHPUnit in my existing project, but the new project worked absolutely fine with the same settings.


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