Capturing Keyboard and Mouse events

I am doing some research on IDE usage patterns. My research requires that I capture all keyboard and mouse events.  Is there any support for this in Intellij. I have looked at code that used to work with Eclipse and wrote something that would give me actions after they were decoded.  That is I could not get access to raw events and continue processing the event.  I was unable to find any type of support in Netbeans so I have abandoned both of those IDEs for this research.

A research project that did some pioneering work in this area was Hackystat if that helps provide some context. Hackystat looked at the IDE as a telemetry source. Time has moved on and the APIs used and the approach can be redone with REST and updated interfaces to IDEs.

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You can register an event listener via IdeEventQueue.addPostprocessor. It will receive all AWTEvent-s for the application.


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