Where are plugin sources Tomat plugin uses?


I am about to develop my own plugin and it seems to me that Tomcat plugin is a good start to get into it.

I have checked this documentation (1) and it is said that it is a good example how to use application server integration plugins. I am on Idea Ultimate 15.0.3 and I can indeed find sources in lib/src however it is just a jar file with some manifest and *.java sources.

I do not understand how is that a good example of the integration as I can not import that plugin into the IDE and modify it to my needs and integrate it into the IDE.

There are some classes in these sources as com.intellij.javaee.run.configuration.J2EEConfigurationProducer but I am not able to find this class at all in any sources of Intellij IDEA.


Where are sources of Tomcat plugin? I want to run my own configurations ...




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