Better/more Inspections: Groovy, TypeScript?


The vast majority of available code inspections for groovy code come from Java.

When I look at the Groovy Style guide ( ) then there are a lot of rules, that IDEA cannot check.


  • unnecessary semicolons
  • usage of ' instead of " for regular strings
  • a closure as the last parameter inside ()

How about enhancing groovy inspections in general? Does that fit into your priorities/roadmap?

For inspiration you could also look at codenarc:

(unfortunately the codenarc plugin for idea has not been updated for a couple of years)


The TypeScript inspections are yet much, much worse. Currently there are only 7 inspections in total.


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Please see . Other requests are also welcome in YouTrack.

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> Other requests are also welcome in YouTrack.

Are they, really?

That issue that you linked to is 8 (eight!) years old.

I am not much motivated to create 20 new issues that will just rot in YouTrack.

That's why I asked about your priorities and roadmap.

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Yes, they really are welcome.

I can't guarantee this will be in high priority roadmap, but they're likely to get more attention.Sorry for that 8-year-old ticket, it was just lost, partially due to the fact that only one person seemed to be interested in that functionality. We fix a lot of YouTrack issues every day, and they don't rot there.


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