meteor is not recognized as internal or external command on window 7

When I issue meteor --help on the window 7 command prompt, I get the error stated in this post's title.
However it works if I am logged in to my machine as an admin or as another used. I copied the path for the .meteor folder from the other user Environment Variable and pasted it in my Environment Variable for no avail. The path is the location where the .meteor is located.

I must add that this user account has just been created but the other uses have been there before.

What else can I try? Thanks

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Did you install meteor when being logged as current user, or as a different user? Cd to the folder where the meteor.bat is located (%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\.meteor) and try running meteor.bat from it - does it work? If it does, you just need to make sure to add %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\.meteor to your system %PATH%; if you can't access/run this file, you just don't have permissions to run it, and most likely the only solution is re-installing meteor as a current user


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