Is it possible to ignore update messages for certain plugins?

Because there is this TypoScript Support Plugin and since the last update it displays every 10-times you start phpstorm and open a project this popup:

I dont want extra features, just no advertaisement in my IDE. This is very annoying to me.

However, I wanted to spend this 10€ because good work should get honored, then I've seen that this 10€ are just for the period of one year. A lifetime licence is also available, which costs 75€. They did not mention that in the popup, do they?

Ehm, sorry but this is much more than I am willed to pay, just to get this popup gone...

So I wanted to install the previous version, which works seamlessly.
But on every start up I get the update message. So is there a way to exclude certain (not all) plugins from update? I'm asking according to Google's Playstore, where you can do this.

Thanks in advance


Oh, maybe I've found a solution by myself, to supress this popup in latest version.

This is just possible if the ad balloon is popping up. Otherwise the entry "TypoScriptPlugin" is missing in log settings.

I will test this. It looks like that it worked... 

Cheers, Armin


Unfortunately it's a third party plugin, you can get in touch with author using info at:


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