Adds a cursor on the previous/next line

Hi all and thanks for your help.

In Adobe Brackets, i could move cursor for a mutltipe selection with ALT+SHIFT+UP/DOWN.
Shift-Alt-Up/Down Add Line to Selection - adds a cursor on the previous/next line

This is possible with PHPStrom ?

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Hi there,

Yes, but it works a bit differently.

There are separate actions for adding cursor above/below current line .. but they do not have default shortcuts -- "Settings/Preferences | Keymap" and look for "Clone Caret Above/Below" actions.

Here on Windows you can Alt+Click and specify exact location of another caret. If you use Ctrl+Ctrl+Up/Down (Ctrl press and release; then quickly press Ctrl again and hold it pressed while using Arrow Up/Down keys) you can add carets on lines above or below. Alt+Mouse selection works as well (column selection mode) etc.

 Also: Edit | Column Selection Mode

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Thank you Andriy


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