How can I use real tabs, not spaces.


Here is the scenario:

Tab size is 5 and naturally my tab locations are at 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40 and so on.

If I write abc and press tab, I got 2 spaces instead of a real tab with a size of 2 space. And if I continue press tab, all consecutive tabs are converted to spaces.

I changed Tabs and Indents settings, tried all the combinations but none seem to work. There must be a setting somewhere that I don't know because this is such a simple feature even the simplest text editors has. When I press the tab, I need a real tab from my current cursor location to the closest tab location.

How can I do that?


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1. You can set this in Settings(Preferences on Mac) > Editor > Code Style > PHP(or any other file type you're working with):

After that you can go to Settings > Editor > General > Appearance > tick "Show whitespaces". This would allow to see if a code is indented with spaces or tabs:



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Most people use spaces instead of tabs because different people set their tabs to different sizes. As a result, a different developer sees code that isn't lined up. That's why most modern IDEs and text editors do all kind of "smart" things with tabs and spaces.

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OK probably I couldn't explain the situation clearly. I'll try again:

Dmitry, my goal is not see which character is used for indent. I already know that. Even if I check the "Use tab character" setting, still space is used instead of real tab.

Let me explain like this:

My tab size is 5. I write abc and press tab 10 times. In other editors (e.g. Windows Notepad and Notepad++) I need to press backspace 10 times to clear the tabs and go back to abc. In PS, I need to press backspace 42 times because there are no tabs, all spaces.

I get tabs only in start of every line. If I write something and and try to indent, all become spaces.

Here is how it works in other editors: Tab size is 5. I write abc and press tab. That tab size becomes 2. 

Hope this makes sense.

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Hi there,

1. Please provide some sample file (share it somewhere, not just paste content here) and specify at what lines/columns you are trying to use Tab and it inserts spaces for you

2. Please provide your Code Style schema (File | Export Settings)

3. Do you use EditorConfig support plugin?

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Andriy, YES! Finally!

Installed the EditorConfig, and set 

indent_style = tab
indent_size = 5

Problem solved.


Thank you!

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EditorConfig overrides Code Style settings (by its' nature).

If you are happy with your current solution then no problems. Otherwise please provide #1 and #2.


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