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I'm just getting used to DataGrip, so maybe I've configured something wrong. The memory usage of DataGrip is in between 600mb and 1gb for me. I have also had it pop up and say that it has run out of memory when it hits 800+mb.

I have several databases which include a large amount of tables (4000+) and many of those tables have a large amount of columns (100+). Is this due to caching all of the schemas of the tables? Is there any settings which I should configure to reduce this?


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For memory usage investigation, could you please provide us memory snapshot at the moment of it's high consumption.

For this, please ensure that DataGrip .vmoptions file contains 


line, enabling the profiler agent. You can check it via Help | Edit Custom VM Options action. 

Restart IDE after modifying the file and capture memory snapshot from the UI button:

You can upload captured snapshot to our FTP server: (anonymous login, .uploads directory has no permissions to list/download files, only for upload, so that other users will not be able to download your snapshots).


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