Issue with insert pair quote/bracket in combination with jQuery

I have enabled Insert pair quote and insert pair bracket in my settings (as is default, I believe). This works fine for the most part. However, I usually still tend to type the closing quote/parentheses by hand. This is usually not an issue since PHPstorm will automatically recognize that I'm typing the characters that have been auto-inserted, and instead of putting a copy of that character *plus* another auto-inserted paired character in front of the existing one, it just puts the caret past that charcter. That's really helpful, because it prevents me from ending up with: someFunct('foo')'')

However, this fails when I'm using jQuery within javascript. So instead of $('#selector') I end up with $('#selector')'').

Is there a way to make PHPStorm behave more consistently? Or is the only solution to disable the automatic insertion of pair quotes/braces?

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Hi there,

Seems like

Ticket status says that it is fixed .. but for branch ... which could be 2016.3


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