More Jetty Run Config Gripe - Can't Share It!

I opened an issue in youtrack for this already

However, I wanted to raise the visibility here too.

It is more than a bit annoying that you can't effectively share jetty run configs because of module ordering and backslash/forward-slash differences.


Its a year later and this is still an issue.

Unfortunately, the Jetty plugin is not part of the community source so we cant do a pull request to fix what looks quite trivial.

Interestingly, the Windows version of IDEA does sort alphabetically but the Linux version does not.

Backslashes are still used on Windows though.


You can see the frequency that I keep popping in and out of this particular project.

Every time I come back to it, it is a pain to work with because the Jetty config is not checked in and I have to configure it again.

Is there an alternative open source Jetty plugin that I could use instead?


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