How to make a configuration page in 'Settings | other settings' ?

I want to make a configuration page like settings > Editors....


So, I searched some open source plug-ins and successfully shown the page.

  • Make a class that implements ApplicationComponent, Configurable 
  • then some codes has been made - getDisplayName(), getComponentName(), createComponent(), isModified(), apply()
  • And i registered this class to plugin.xml file like:

This page is successfully shown in recent version of IntelliJ IDEA,
But is not shown in Android Studio 1.5 (recent Official release ver.)

Is there any missing code in this? Or manually register that class?


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Registering of Configurable via AppilcationComponent was deprecated and removed in latest release.

To register Configurable, you can add following code in plugin.xml:

<extensions defaultExtensionNs="com.intellij">
  <applicationConfigurable id="some.plugin.configurable" displayName="Plugin Configurable" instance="common.configure.Configurable"/>


To move configuration page from "Others" to "Editor" group, you can use parameter

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Dear Aleksey Pivovarov,

Thank you for your reply!! I tried and confirmed that configuration page is shown!!!!



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