PostgreSQL - trying to connect to Amazon database


I have application running on Heroku and using PostgreSQL. I'm trying to connect DataGrip with Heroku database (hosted on Amazon). When I test connection I get this error:

Connection settings are copied and pasted from Heroku account. I use the same settings in pgAdmin and I have no problem with connection. 


I was getting this error when I tried to create a connection to an Amazon RDS without specifying a single Database.  When I went in and typed in the database, it authenticated properly.


I have the same problem and no idea what I'm doing wrong.

I have one connection that works and another that I'm going to do some tests on but I can't connect to it.  I can connect via PGAdmin3 with the same credentials but when using DataGrip, I can't connect.

I have the database name entered and all the other credentials.

I get the same popup as you saying username / password combo isn't valid (The specified user/password combination is rejected: [28000] FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host) but at the bottom is a link that opens this error:

Connection to jdbc:postgresql:// :5432/d8tqohf77k3q38 failed.
Host is unknown.
The connection attempt failed.

I've been off and on for over 1 year with DataGrip because I spend at least the first 20 minutes of my evaluation trying to connect to a database, then evaluation period is over.  looks like a great tool but not going to buy it if I can't connect (or takes this much effort to connect).

Any ideas??


@Olga Grabek 

One can find Heroku connection instruction in DataGrip online help

@Rg Make sure you've configured your database properly. Could you connect to the specified host with other tools?

Additionally, where do you store your password information? Do you have `Remember password` checked?



I had the same issue with Host Unknown and it turns out after copy / pasting from Heroku DashboardI had an extra space at the end of the hostname. Just in case.


@vasily chernov

Thanks for the link, I managed to eventually connect to my Heroku database after struggling with it for weeks. It should be made more obvious somewhere (or I should have googled earlier)




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