performance problems

hi everyone,

i understand parsing scala code efficiently is basically impossible due to the implicit and type magic going on. however, idea regulary locks up for 5-15 seconds doing stuff. this is annoying. my coworker uses sublime and laughts at me ;(

how can i help finding the issues? i suppose a cpu snapshot wouldn't be all that useful since you cannot tell a 10 seconds lockup apart from 20*0.5 seconds lockups which nobody cares about since the editor reacts in between


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The perfect way to report a problem is to give us an example of a project, instructions how to reproduce it and versions of the IDEA and scala plugin. Sometimes thread dumps and cpu snapshots are enough, but not always. 

In some cases performance problems may be fixed by simply increasing memory available for the IntelliJ IDEA. Try to use -Xmx2048m option in the corresponding idea.vmoptions file, if you didn't do it yet. If it won't help, please create a ticket about your problem on Youtrack. It looks like a serious one.

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i cannot provide the project itself, but maybe i can reproduce the problem in a sample file.



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