16 EAP 144.4199.23 missing CSS colour patches in gutter

I can click on the general area and get the colour chooser popping up but I can't see the colour itself. This has been missing in the last few EAP releases.


Mac OS X 10.11.3


Looks related indeed. What font family and size do you use for editor (Preferences | Editor | Colors & Fonts | Font)? Also, do you have 'Show CSS color preview icon  in gutter' enabled in Preferences | Editor | General | Appearance?


Yes, the setting is enabled and I use the Iosevka font at size 14. If I change the size to 13, I can see the gutter icons again.


I see. It's indeed https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-151485 then, please follow it for updates


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