Crete New Project -> Existing Sources !gone!

Just used to click on Create New Project and tab for Existing Sources would appear, now nothing...
It only shows the options to make an Empty project, HTML5 Boilerplate...etc and doesnt allow me to download my currents projects.

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Hi there,

(these are actually 2 different threads with the same name)

In short:

  • This functionality was removed from WebStorm v11 (apparently it has some issues that makes it not really usable in more-or-less complex setups)
  • If you are actually using PhpStorm .. then make sure that Remote Hosts Access plugin is enabled
  • In any case -- you can always create empty project and then download whatever you need using IDE (just that wizard made this part a bit easier):
    1. Create empty local project
    2. Go to your "Settings/Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Deployment"
    3. Create new Deployment entry of required type
    4. Configure it (all tabs)
    5. Mark it as Default for this project
    6. Use "Remote Host" tool window. If not available -- use "Tools | Deployment | Browse Remote Host" to bring it up
    7. Browse trough your remote server and download all desired files/folders
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Thanks, Andriy! What a splendid response!


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