Poor rendering Source code pro semibold under Windows 10, in a 1440p display

Hi, I am having some font rendering issues with CLION.


I am using the latest Source Code Pro Semibold font under Windows 10 in a 1440p display (QHD) and the rendering is quite poor when I set the size to 12 or 13.

This problem does not occur in my linux installation or in my HDPi laptop (with scaling of 150%). Also it does not occur with my other editors e.g. sublime text 3.


for example with font size 13 I get:


Notice that the letters m, e, are really poorly rendered.

For font size 12 I get:








Meawhile in sublime text I achieve better results with enabling the option directwrite










Any ideas?

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Hi, Nikolaos! There're several issues in platform with bundled Source Code Pro font like the following https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-96738, feel free to vote for it.

As a workaround it's suggested to replace bundled files with appropriate fonts.


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