vtlmacrolibrary path expression

# @vtlmacrolibrary path="classpath:/velocity/include/lib/baseMacros.vm"

We use the above line of code in the headers of our velocity scripts to reference macro's and hide the warnings associated with them. We recently moved some of the velocity code into a core jar which multiple projects use. This shift including the above macro file. Now the macro's appear as warnings, this is annoying!

Does anyone know of a way of referencing such a file in this context

Broadly I have tried classpath: file: relative pathing has anyone any ideas that might help?

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This looks like a bug. Could you please file an issue about it at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com? In addition, I don't completely understand what's located where, so could you please attach a small sample project to the issue, showing what works for you and what doesn't?

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